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Kailua Scott Turner;
Looking up from underneath / Fractured moonlight on the sea / Reflections still look the same to me / As before I went under And it's peaceful in the deep / Cathedral where you cannot breathe No need to pray, no need to speak / Now I am under all And it's breaking over me / A thousand miles onto the sea bed I found the place to rest my head Never let me go, never let me go / Never let me go, never let me go (Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go)
I am Kailua Scott Turner, I am passionate about things I do! I love my work, I am the Commander Honolulu Police Department called Hunter Group. My mother died when I was ten years old, and my father raised me alone... I mean, I would not see him, after she died he slipped at work and today is Judge State Honolulu. In my spare time at my work, take pictures and surf... what I love! I have a Russian boyfriend, Gustav Sergei, who works in the office of my father... he insists that I go to work with them, but my life is connected to the streets and there that I want to continue being! My life is to hunt down the bad guys and arresting them, the rest I leave to my father and Gustav that solve...
Surfe for life..I'm believe in dreams,and my dreams will come true...